Our pool

Volume: 7400 Gallons
Build Type: Vinyl
0 oz of Calcium Chloride
0 oz of Baking Soda
1.9 oz of 31.45% (20º Be) Muriatic Acid
4.7 oz of Bleach • 10%
0 oz of Bleach • 10%
19 oz of Bleach • 10%
0 oz of Borax (20 Mule)
0 oz of Bleach • 10%
Since season opening in early May, have added only liquid chlorine and Cya. PH has remained in range. TA at or about 50, but FC was not holding early. Tested at pool store mid May. Trace FC and CYA at 29. FC should have been at least 2 based on the past evening dose. I had either cc's or low cya; suspected the latter; was still waiting on tftestkit to be shipped. Based on store report, added 2 lb package cya. FC began staying in range day-to-day. Received home kit. Tested cya = 21, as pool store test was bad. Added 23 more oz cya as per pool math to target cya=42. Tested 5 days later. cya=37 June 3. Plan is to maintain FC between 3-6 as if cya=40. Add the rest of CYA package in early August and then test. Ph is tending towards the high end (7.8) even after two cya doses, which should have driven down PH & TA. Turned eye downward and minimizing aeration. May eventually need acid if it creeps up more.
31 oz of Bleach • 6%
62 oz of Bleach • 6%
62 oz of Bleach • 6%
22 oz of Dry Stabilizer
46 oz of Bleach • 6%